Recruit more candidates in less time

Client open days allow companies to recruit a wide range, and large number of candidates in a short period of time.
Attract candidates from front line and junior kitchen staff right through to Head Chef & General Management level.

Planned and executed for individual sites or on a group level.

Raise brand profile with a range of media advertisements.

Flexible ‘Open Day’ package; select only the features you need

Open day features

  • Design and placement of strategic and targeted branded client advertisements & candidate mail-shots at local, regional or national level
  • Initial advertising response handling, pre-screening and direction of potentially suitable candidates to the client open day
  • Organisation and ‘on the day management’ of the client open day
  • Implementation of bespoke client application forms and testing procedures
  • On the day ‘1st round’ interviewing and rejection of unsuitable candidates
  • Collation of CVs for candidates who attended the open day
  • Open day follow up letters to successful and unsuccessful candidates
  • Collation of Open Day statistical data

More information

For further information on a tailored Open day package to suit your company please contact Gary King on 020 7240 0066 or email