Sous Chef – Production Kitchen

Brigade of 15 chefs

Technical and precise cookery

Backed by a major internet business that already own other large hospitality brands.

Mostly 7am -5pm (must be flexible as may be evenings and weekends)

Well organised and strong IT support

Communication skills are very important

All orders come via an App – popular on Seamless (Corporate Lunch App)

Min order value £22 but can go up to £500

Provide lots of meals to Canary Wharf & Hot Desking companies

15 in the kitchen brigade; Exec Chef (Culinary Director), Head Chef, Sous Chef, 3 CDP’s, 6 Commis & 3 K/A

6 in IT

10 Sales & Marketing

Approx. 1500 meals per day (allow for 10% wastage)

Very B2B focused (most meals are brought by businesses)

Need patience & training – ability to train and lead low skilled staff

Music in kitchen

Fun atmosphere

Family feel to the kitchen brigade

Creative input welcome

Assist in cook offs with Culinary Director

No sick pay – but 35 days holiday

45-55 hours per week

Salary approx. £30,000


Aidan Fraser

Account Director – Chef Division


Direct:   0203 167 0749

Mobile: 0783 437 1873